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When you hear the words Folsom Prison, most people connect it to a very famous country song by Johnny Cash. The prison is quite a place indeed.
Not too many people know that on the same prison property there are two other facilities. The more modern California State Prison and the Folsom Women's Facility.

It's the women's facility that's the subject today. Last June, after what seemed like forever, we delivered two 12 week old Canine Companions puppies to an eagerly awaiting staff and the four to-be inmate handlers (two for each pup). It took a couple vehicles to haul in the crates, crate pads, beds, bowls, brushes, a pot full of toys and treats, a first aid kit, monthly heart guard, and the food.
LPCCI is proud to support this new program by supplying the food for the dogs. Local veterinarians provide medical care and Canine Companions' local volunteer chapter group, Gold Rush Champions, provides toys and treats replacements, along with other supplies. Everyone chipped in on this one.

This is the first Canine Companions program within the California Department of Correctional and Rehabilitation (CDCR), and already there are discussions with two other locations within the system.
So, I'm delighted to report that Nieve and Penley are happy and healthy pups just about to turn a year old, and two more pups are scheduled to be added to the program in March.

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I think the program can be pretty well summed up in these words from one of the inmate handlers: "I am so thankful for all that has been done and what continues to be done to ensure Penley and Nieve have everything they need to succeed. Having them in my life during this time is so special to me, and it's great knowing they will soon be helping others. Without your generosity this would not be possible."