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Lion Jim Purton, President of LPCCI, was recently presented the Lions of Virginia Distinguished Humanitarian Award by his club, the Greater Falls Run Lions Club.
The award was given in recognition of the work Purton does to raise awareness about Lions Project for Canine Companions for Independence, as well as his work with his wife, Lion Michele Purton, as a puppy raiser. Jim & Michele are finishing their eighth Canine Companions for Independence puppy, Addie IV, who will matriculate in August at the CCI Northeast Regional Miller Family Campus in Medford, NY.

Lion Jim has been active with LPCCI since 2005 when he became a Charter Member of his club. He began as a trustee in his home District 24-A.
Shortly after that he became Area Director for Virginia, a position he continues to hold.
As the award was presented to Lion Jim at the annual installation of officers meeting, he was very much moved and pretty well speechless, something that seldom happens to him, he admits.
He expresses his deep appreciation for the award and shares the credit with his wife.

Pictured are Greater Falls Run Lions President Lion Bill York, Lion Woody Woodard, PDG, Lion Jim Purton and Lion Michele Purton holding 11 week old CCI puppy Kappa. (June 23 2015)


 Lions of Virginia Foundation Distinguished Humanitarian Award to Lion Jim Purton.