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Feature from our Lions Share Winter edition 


The experience of serving this past year as your Lions Project for Canine Companions for Independence (LPCCI) President has been a rewarding and happy experience. I am honored to have been selected for this duty, and I look forward to continuing my service to this great foundation. Our new president, Lion Cris Gerard, has smoothly transitioned into the job and has great ideas for her year as our leader. We all need to be supportive as, not only Cris, but the entire board of directors seek to improve what we do and increase our giving to Canine Companions for Independence.
I began my year last July with a few goals in mind, and I’m happy to report that we achieved those goals. Firstly, I wanted to increase our annual giving to Canine Companions for Independence. We had a great year and surpassed our budget by $9,000. This is mainly due to the work performed by all of our trustees and directors in the field. Thank you to each of you. Please continue to reach higher in the future.

Knowing that Canine Companions for Independence was preparing to expand the number of regional training centers gave us another opportunity to enhance LPCCI’s presence in the State of Texas, where we never had representation before. Through some investigation I discovered a connection between the Canine Companions National Board of Directors and the Irving Noonday Lions Club - specifically Lion Bill Hooten. Lion Bill has been active in Lionism for about 40 years. He’s a longtime personal friend of Judge Ed Kinkeade, who serves on Canine Companions for Independence’s National Board of Directors. Judge Kinkeade connected me with Lion Bill Hooten and after a couple of phone calls, Lion Bill agreed to be our first LPCCI Texas Trustee. Plans are now underway for the Irving Noonday Lions to host a pancake breakfast at the grand opening of the new Canine Companions for Independence south Central region this fall. Great work, Lions!
For several years the LPCCI Board had discussions about bringing a new look to our tired old web site. Our National Administrator, Lion Sarah Haberthur, had some great ideas, as did several other members. However, attempts to find competent and reasonably priced webmasters proved to be more difficult than expected. However, during our annual trip to Florida last winter we visited the Bonita Springs Lions Club where we met Lion Colin Raynor. In asking Lion Colin about his occupation he said he was a website developer. Well, the light bulb went on immediately and before long Lion Sarah and I were in conversation with Lion Colin about a new LPCCI website. The LPCCI board approved a search, and bids were received from several developers. Lion Colin had the best proposal, and based on him being a Lion (plus the outstanding websites he developed for other Lions Clubs), he was given the contract. You can all see the results of his work at It’s so much better than our old site. Thanks Lion Colin!
My wife, Lion Michele, and I also finished raising our 8
Canine Companions for Independence puppy, Addie. She was a delight to raise, and we look forward to her graduation in February. Another pup is definitely in our plans; we just haven’t decided when it will happen.
At the end of my year as your president the board of directors made a thorough review of our by-laws. Improvements were made and approved by the board. These were mainly designed to improve our performance in the field and to give the board more tools for dealing with problems if something should arise. We have a great organization with dedicated volunteers and a wonderful, helpful administrator. It’s exciting to look to the future of LPCCI.