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To all of you who share and support the LPCCI mission, thank you.  You are appreciated more than you know.
What a quick year this has been!  Allow me a brief recap of our successes: LPCCI attended Lions Conventions in California, Nevada, New York and Florida, sharing
our mission and our passion.  We continued to educate Lions about Canine Companions for Independence and Canine
Companions Volunteer Chapters about LPCCI and Lions. We found opportunities for the two get to know each other and to work together.

We attended Canine Companions’ Team 2015 in Florida. We committed to naming opportunities in both North Central and South Central Regional
Centers.  President, Mark Steffens, will need us to find new fundraising opportunities around the country to make this happen.
We enhanced some internal and election processes. And….we increased donations to Canine Companions by more than $6,000 over last year
to date! All in all, a solid year.  Thank you again for your passion and support of our mission. Woof!