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Dear Lions Club President and Members,  You are well aware of the many wonderful ways in which Canine
Companions for Independence® enriches the lives of so many people with disabilities by providing them with highly trained assistance dogs. What you may not know — Canine Companions recently opened a brand new training center in Irving, Texas. This new center will help serve more adults, children and veterans with disabilities in Texas such as Brian.

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Brian Boone was on tour in Afghanistan when he was struck by an IED. “I didn’t realize at first how much a dog would be able to help me, but he is so well trained. He has really changed my life,” says Brian.
 As supporters of Canine Companions, the Lions Project for Canine Companions for Independence (LPCCI) has an opportunity to help name the family room on the new campus, the Lions Den. With this new facility, Canine Companions is able to reduce wait time for an assistance dog, provide a higher level of service and will place more assistance dogs than ever before.

LPCCI’s commitment to Canine Companions is long standing. To show our support for this new center, LPCCI pledged $150,000 over a three-year period, knowing our contribution makes a difference in the lives of the many veterans, children and adults with disabilities that Canine Companions serves.
 I’m convinced we can meet our goal. If just 100 clubs make a $1,500 donation, our commitment will be satisfied. LPCCI formed the 100 Club Lions Den Sponsor program. Won’t you be one of the first 100 clubs to support this pledge to help veterans with disabilities?

As a 100 Club Lions Den Sponsor, your club will receive a banner plate in recognition of your donation and support of the new Lions Den. But most importantly, your support will help veterans with disabilities like Jason.
 U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Jason Morgan’s vehicle was ambushed during a counter-narcotics mission in South America in 1999, causing it to tumble down a cliff. Jason was thrown from the vehicle and his back was crushed when the vehicle rolled over him. Jason awoke two months later paralyzed from the waist down and would never walk again.

“Being in special ops, they don’t teach you very much humility. When you have that mentality, and that’s the training that has been brought to you, to really humble yourself and let other people help you is extremely tough,” explains Jason on his loss of independence after his injury. “But I’m telling you, it’s so much easier for a dog to do it.”
 Canine Companions’ assistance dogs are expertly trained and provided to recipients at NO COST. Your generosity has helped make a life-changing difference for veterans who have given so much. We can’t do it without you. Thank you for your support.

P.S. Remember, we need 100 clubs to make a $1,500 donation to fulfill our pledge to support this life-changing mission. Be one of the first 100 clubs to support veterans like Brian and Jason to receive your 100 Club Lions Den Sponsor banner plate for your club’s banner. Thank you!

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