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Florida md 35 Convention

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Lions are terrific people and so are all the volunteers and staff that work with Canine  Companions for Independence.   It doesn’t matter if you’re in Florida, California, or anywhere in between; reports are that you’ll find welcoming, dedicated people finding ways to make this world a better place.
Many months ago, LPCCI (that would be our Sarah Haberthur) reached out to the fine Lions organizing the Florida MD 35 convention for Florida and the Bahamas and asked that LPCCI be part of the festivities.  
LPCCI and Canine Companions for Independence are not really well known to Lions in Florida.  However, with a Canine Companions for Independence Campus in Orlando, it seems only logical that some puppies and a little education would solve that problem.  This was the goal of the trip.
I’m pleased to share that LPCCI was received very warmly! The more we shared about the differences between the duties of Canine Companions’ service and facility dogs and the differences between Guide Dogs and Leader Dogs, the more greatly their understanding grew.
Puppy raisers from Jacksonville joined me to share their experiences, as did a graduate with her service dog.  We were also delighted that Martha Johnson from Canine Companions made the long journey to join us.  Nothing like seeing things first hand.
My thanks to the Lions of MD 35 for the nice reception and willingness to learn about our group.  Also, many thanks for the efforts of Canine Companions and the local puppy raisers that made sure we were well represented and had some fun, too.

  I look forward to a successful future together and building a strong relationship with the Lions Clubs in Florida!

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