We rely on their enthusiastic participation in countless ways

To promote and oversee an awareness and appreciation for the LPCCI and Canine Companions programs to clubs and individuals in the District. Have an interest in seeing that Canine Companions For Independence mission to provide trained dogs for individuals with disabilities is assisted by Lionism.



1. To oversee and locally manage the continued support of LPCCI by member clubs, life members and individual donors.

a. To arrange and provide demonstrations to the member and non-member Lion/Lioness, and Leo clubs in the District, or to have them arranged and provided by appointed Region Representatives.

b. To strive to increase club and individual memberships and donations, thereby increasing the overall support of the LPCCI program.

c. To promptly and appropriately make presentations - or arrange to have them made - of all awards, certificates, pins, banner plates, etc., to deserving donors.

d. To arrange for time on the agenda of District Cabinet Meetings and Conventions to provide updates on District LPCCI activities and/or make award presentations.

e. When called upon, to promptly "troubleshoot" LPCCI problems in the District (i.e., new addresses, delinquent member clubs, disbanded or life members, special requests, etc.)

f. To organize and promote at least one major LPCCI District fundraiser each year.

2. To work under the direct supervision of the Area Director. To notify the Area Director of any conflict in the District. To stay informed by attending LPCCI meetings held within your Area, and to provide quarterly written reports on your District LPCCI activities to your Area Director with a copy to the LPCCI office.

3. Provide assistance and guidance on policies and presentations, and obtain the literature and other materials they need from the LPCCI office. Keep updated on LPCCI information and activities so they can relay this information to clubs and bulletin editors. To attend Canine Companions functions whenever possible.

4. Neither expect nor receive any compensation for services rendered to LPCCI or any reimbursement for expenses incurred on its behalf.


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