We rely on their enthusiastic participation in countless ways

Breeder dogs and their puppies are the foundation of our organization. We carefully select and breed Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and crosses of the two after an intensive evaluation process.


Our breeding program staff checks each dog's temperament, train ability, health, physical attributes, littermate trends and the production history of the dam and sire. Only then are the "best of the best" chosen as CCI breeder dogs.

A Unique Opportunity.

Volunteer breeder caretakers are a diverse group of people ranging from stay-at-home moms to working professionals to retirees, all of whom receive extensive support from Canine Companions for Independence staff, volunteers and the Breeder Caretaker Council. Upon retirement,Canine Companions for Independence breeders are spayed or neutered and stay with the breeder caretaker as a loving pet.

Many volunteer breeder caretakers report immense feelings of pride and satisfaction in seeing Canine Companions for Independence breeders produce pups with a purpose.


Be a Breeder Caretaker

  • Live within 90 miles of Canine Companions for Independence National Headquarters in Santa Rosa, CA.
  • Attend breeder caretaker meetings.
  • Work closely with Canine Companions for Independence breeding and veterinary staff.
  • Caretakers for male breeders bring the dog to national headquarters in Santa Rosa, CA at breeding time.
  • Caretakers for female breeders bring the dog to headquarters for boarding when she's in heat, assist in her whelping and nurture the litters during the first 8 weeks of life.

 receive an application.

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