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pdf.png 2019 Lions Share Fall 2019

Size: 6.2 MB

pdf.png THE LIONS SHARE Winter2018 2018

Size: 4.67 MB

THE LIONS SHARE Winter 2018 ver.

pdf.png Fellowship Application

Size: 67.34 KB

A LPCCI Fellowship may be obtained byany person or by a club (in honor/memory of a person))upon application and donation to LPCCI of at least One Thousand Dollars( $1,000.00) either in one(1) lump-sum payment or in five(5)semi-annual installments of no less than Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) Includes an elegant plaque, banner plate, lapel pin and subscription to LPCCI publications.

pdf.png Family Life Membership

Size: 81.82 KB

Two members of a family can buy a Family Life membership.  This membership is treated the same as a life membership

pdf.png South Central Training Center Sponsor form

Size: 385.08 KB

South Central Training Center Sponsor form

pdf.png Planned Giving

Size: 18.45 KB

How to remember canine companions for independence in your will through the
lions project for canine companions for independence

pdf.png Abdul Award Application

Size: 84.3 KB

This plaque commemorates Abdul, a black Labrador retriever who was the first Canine Companions for Independence assistance dog put into service. The story of his remarkable 14 years is on the back of the plaque. Translated, Abdul means “faithful servant.” This award is a great way to say thank you to an individual who has performed outstanding service.

pdf.png Trustee Packet

Size: 854.71 KB

trustee position description, outline for club presentation
presentation basics, promotionalmaterial order form
business card order form, quarterly report, expense reimbursement
donation opportunities, lpcci fact sheet

pdf.png Life Member application

Size: 78.54 KB

Individuals truly become “life” members as the $300 donation goes into a restricted fund and is kept there for the life of LPCCI. Only the interest is drawn from this account and donated to Canine Companions for Independence

pdf.png Club Membership application

Size: 174.88 KB

This is a Club commitment to a suggested annual donation based on the number of Club members. A pledge reminder is sent annually. Clubs receive a Member Club banner patch, certificate, and subscription to LPCCI publications



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